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GTWW Download link (0.2.0)


Make sure to keep GT6 updated!

Basic information and features

GTWW is a GT6 addon that I made to experiment with Minecraft modding and do more than just the basics.

Non weapon features: WeaponWorks provides multiblock and singleblock tanks made out of galvanized steel. It also provides a PvP 'Potion' item that gives you 50 hearts and prevents hunger effects for an hour, allowing for better and longer fights.

GTWW adds guns and melee weapons. Right now, it adds a pistol, sub machine gun, sniper, blunderbuss, assault rifle, and burst rifle. It also adds scissors, because I thought it would be funny to run around killing things with scissors :P Don't worry, I'll be adding better weapons soon. Turrets are also being worked on, they should be added Soon(TM).

A small tutorial (Uses the old gun system)

Don't bother making a pistol unless you find it in world generation, it's really bad and you are better off with about anything else. Sub machine guns are a good use for low caliber ammo, and it does a lot of damage if you hit all your shots. Use this at close range because it suffers from bullet spread at a distance.
If you are into obliterating every mob in your way, use the blunderbuss. The blunderbuss is a basic shotgun that sprays 8 bullets in every direction. While the bullets do not do much damage by themselves, shooting a mob with 8 of them will definitely kill it, plus, it sounds totally amazing when you shoot it :) All this power comes at a cost though, which is that the bullet spread is so severe with this that you probably won't kill your target if you are standing 20 or more blocks away. Even if you do hit one or two, the damage from the individual pellets won't be enough to kill the mob.
Assault rifles are a good replacement for the sub machine gun if you prefer damage over shooting speed. These have less spread than the sub machine guns, so if you are good at aiming, use these. They use medium caliber bullets. If you would like to have a multishot assault rifle, the burst rifle can do that job qite nicely. It shoots 4 bullets at a time and does less damage than the regular rifle, but it is a nice replacement for the blunderbuss if you have medium ammo to spare.
Lastly, the sniper is the one-shot wonder that can dish out massive pain to anything on the recieving end of your barrel. Snipers have zero bullet spread, so they will hit their target from any distance. They take high caliber ammo.